About Us

Missions in Motion is non-profit tax exempt 501c corporation.

Missions in Motion is a collaborative network of entrepreneurs, engineers, corporations, charitable organizations, and foundations who recognize that one of the greatest needs of people who are serving others in remote areas of the world is transportation equipment that is suitable for the rigors of the environments they are operating in.


  1. Tony Fichter – President
  2. Mike Hetteen – Chairman
  3. Bill Miller – Vice Chair
  4. Chris Hamness – Chaplain
  5. Norm Berg – Secretary
  6. Jane Evans – Treasurer
  7. Allan Zak – Director
  8. Brian Wikstrom – Director
  9. Mary Hoffer
  10. Paul Krahn – Director
  11. Phil Heppner – Director
  12. Roger Helgeson – Director
  13. Roger Skime – Director